Shaver Pharmacy introduces New, Larger Mastectomy Support and Bra Fitting Private Room

Just in time to mark National Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October 2017, Shaver Pharmacy is proud to offer upgraded programs and facilities for our local breast cancer survivors in Pocatello.

image of Mastectomy Bras fitting room Pocatello 3

Our compassionate team of professionally trained, experienced post mastectomy counselors, LeAnn and Norma are here to help you regain your figure, heal your body and skin, and help smooth your transition into a post mastectomy, post breast cancer treatment life.

image of Private Mastectomy Bra Fitting Room Pocatello 2 image of Mastectomy Bras Pocatello 3

We offer a huge selection of the lastest post mastectomy bras and prosthetics, and custom fitting to help you feel as comfortable as possible.

Our new, larger, private mastectomy bra fitting room in Pocatello is the perfect place for you to get private, confidential and professional service and support.

Breast Cancer Mastectomy Support

Mastectomy Counselor Norma consults with a client at Shaver Pharmacy

Recovery from mastectomy surgery is challenging in the best of circumstances.

Our goal at Shaver Pharmacy is to make the first few days and weeks after your surgery as comfortable as possible.

Our trained counselors Leann and Norma have helped hundreds of women in our community just like you.

We can help fit you with special garments, bras, prosthetics, and provide compassionate, individual counsel for your post mastectomy journey.

Early Recovery Kit

We work with all major companies, like American Breast Care, and offer kits designed to make the first few weeks of your surgical recovery easier and more comfortable.

The ABC Post Surgical Kit is now available upstairs in our Durable Medical Equipment Showroom.

Breast Cancer Pocatello Mastectomy Support

New Mastectomy Recovery Kit from American Breast Care–Now Available at Shaver Pharmacy

Before your surgery, make an appointment with one of our mastectomy counselors to explore your post surgical options.

You’ll have your support team in place once your surgery is complete.

These new post surgery kits can simplify your post surgical recovery.

The kit includes a comfortable cotton Leisure Bra, and two Velcro attachable pouches for drain bulbs.

Breast Cancer Surgery Mastectomy Support

ABC’s Mastectomy Recovery Kit Leisure Bra and attachable Drain Bulb Pouch

The kit also includes a feather weight non-silicone puff form.
This can gently and discretely restore a natural shape shortly after your surgery.

Lightweight Puff Insert

Lightweight Puff Insert

Designed for Early Recovery

All the products are specially designed to work over tender, sensitive recent surgery without disrupting healing.

As your recovery progresses, we can fit you with additional products that while help you regain your form as your body strengthens.

Compassionate, Professional Support

Our personable, caring, experienced staff is here to help you every step of the way.

When it comes to post mastectomy surgical recovery, you don’t have to go through it alone, or struggle to find garments to fit you during this time.

Breast Cancer Post Mastectomy support

Mastectomy Bras and Garments at Shaver Pharmacy

At Shaver Pharmacy, we can help you with first rate people, and products like the American Breast Care Post Surgical Kit.

Call Leann or Norma in our upstairs Durable Medical Equipment showroom with your questions and concerns. We’re here to help you.   208-232-7750.

We can help you feel, like you again. Just like we’ve helped dozens of other women in our community recovering from this very personal surgical experience.

Post Mastectomy Recovery is one of our points of emphasis, upstairs at Shaver Pharmacy.



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The dust has settled and we’re now welcoming everyone in Pocatello and surrounding communities to visit our all new home medical equipment showroom upstairs at Shaver Pharmacy.

We still offer a great selection of products to meet all your home medical needs, including walkers, bathroom safety supplies, supplies for medical professionals, and a huge inventory of the latest offerings in medical office professional clothing and scrubs.   Now in a more efficient and easy to shop layout.

Image of Shaver Remodeled DME Showroom

We also offer custom post mastectomy bra fittings and prosthetics in a private fitting room.  We have 2 compassionate and highly trained professional mastectomy support counselors to help you regain your shape and recover quickly from breast cancer treatment.   LeAnn and Norma are here to help you.

In September 2017, we remodeled our upstairs and rebuilt our Durable Medical Equipment Showroom from the ground up.

Our professionally trained DME staff is friendly, knowledgeable and here to give you the personal attention and support your deserve. When it comes to Home Medical Equipment in Pocatello, no one offers you more and better service than Shaver Pharmacy.

Upstairs DME Showroom at Shaver Pharmacy

Upstairs DME Showroom at Shaver Pharmacy

Durable medical Equipment

Shaver Pharmacy and Compounding Center offers the largest and most complete home medical equipment showroom in Pocatello.   Located on our second floor, this department is nationally accredited through the Health Quality Accreditation Association (HQAA) to provide Medicare Part B products and services to Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries. Our professional staff has earned the advanced certification and training necessary to deliver the highest quality services in oxygen therapy, CPAP fitting and setup, diabetic test strips and supplies, and wheelchair, walker, and mobility device fitting.  We are also the most qualified retail based diabetic shoe fitters in Pocatello and Southeast Idaho.

Professionally Trained DME Staff at Shaver Pharmacy

Professionally Trained DME Staff at Shaver Pharmacy

Wheelchairs and Walkers at Shaver Pharmacy

Wheelchairs and Walkers at Shaver Pharmacy

Our showroom is stocked with products to help manage things like diabetes, high blood pressure, incontinence, and reduced mobility.  We carry complete product lines of wheelchairs, walkers, and canes for increased mobility; braces and supports for shoulders, elbows, wrists, knees, and ankles; compression hose and stockings for circulatory problem control; and home safety and bathroom accessibility products.

Supplies for Health Care Professionals

Full Selection of Medical Scrubs and Clinic Wear

Full Selection of Medical Scrubs and Clinic Wear

Professional Supplies for Health Care Workers

Professional Supplies for Health Care Workers


For the health care professional we also carry Southeast Idaho’s largest selection of scrubs, office wear clothing, and medical professional equipment and supplies.  Our professional staff is always willing to special order related products not found on our showroom floor.

Private Consultation

Inside our showroom we have private, fully equipped treatment and fitting rooms.   Here we can help with:

  • Post Mastectomy Support, Consultation, Recovery and Bra Fitting
  • Diabetic Shoe Fitting
  • CPAP and BiPAP Custom Fitting
  • Blood Draws

Shaver Pharmacy and Compounding Center also provides oxygen therapy services in the greater Pocatello area.  We carry oxygen concentrators and portable oxygen and our HQAA accredited staff is well trained to provide in-home setup, delivery, and maintenance services.  We are fully accredited to provide these services to Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance beneficiaries.



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